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It has gone quicker than I thought! I can´t publish any more with FrontPage, so I will have to switch over to this blog already! I will continue Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with the text here as usual, until I have got the new homepage sat up!

My e-mail is till anagan@youmail.dk and my phone nr. is till +45 75 83 33 80. If you have any questions!

DANSK: Jeg har besluttet mig til fremover kun at udgive på engelsk! Jeg er meget ked af at måtte tage denne beslutning, men det lægger et hårdt pres på mig at skulle skrive i to sprog, og da jeg mener der er flere danskere der taler engelsk end der er engelsk talende der taler dansk, så må jeg droppe det danske!

Hvis I er meget utilfredse med denne beslutning, så må i ringe eller e-maile til mig – og protestere! Så vil jeg genoverveje beslutningen, men ellers så fortsætter vi indtil videre her med den sædvanlig tekst på engelsk, mandag, onsdag, fredag og lørdag! E-mail: anagan@youmail.dk, tlf: (+45) 75 83 33 80.



PRACTICAL-PROJECT: I do think that I have got ‘around’ then most of what´s going on in sheer XX sf-shell or ‘head’ XX sf-formsystems! And it ‘fits’ to what happens in the two sender/receiver dipole-antennas!

TECHNICAL XX T-FORMSYSTEMS: We must remember one thing namely the fact that there is only a (successive) xfa fase in one ‘place’ at the time, and the xfa fase is where there is the most (-) S-N-particle activity in the one side and the most (+) lack of S-N-particles in the diametric opposite side – with a maximum ‘climax’ in the S-N-forms superior (two) ‘ends’ of the XX sf-shell! 

If the XX sf-formsystem wants to have the maximum ‘support’ og ‘effect’ out from the receiver dipole-antenna itself, then the XX sf-formsystem will have to ‘twist’ around it´s own axes, so that the current xfa fase XX li/di-column/octave is still straight ‘outside’ the (inner) ‘end’ of the dipole-antenna´s ‘wings’! 

And when the one 1/2 (1/4) of the 1/4fa over-fase routine is turning over to the other, then it will ‘shift’ to alle the other diametrical opposite XX li/di-column/octaves in the other figurative half of the XX sf-formsystem – with the same (now) opposite ‘procedure’!

There is no reason to doubt about the S-N-form/particle´s same ‘activity’ on the absolute superior ‘skin’-surface of any XX-formsystem – when they are getting exited! They will all ‘seek’ down toward the excitial S-N-forms/particle ‘end’!

Till Wednesday I will ‘work’ very hard on getting the new aa-akademi.dk webside sat up again, but I kan see, there will still be a lot to do before it´s up to the old standard! To the English readers I can say, that I have dropped the Danish text – if they don´t protest too much!


PRACTICAL-PROJECT: We mustn´t forget either, that there isn´t just coming that big overall S-N-particle ‘slosh’ matching FS/FB-waveparticles into the receiver dipole-antenna – but also an enormes amount of other types of FS/FB-particles/waveparticles!

TECHNICAL XX T-FORMSYSTEMS: Those smaller (bigger) FS/FB-waveparticlen will match or ‘create’ (!) their own smaller ‘sloshes’ inside the ‘bigger’ ones or rather more local XX li/di-columns/octaves xfa fase routine and matching smaller local S-N-form/’particle’ activity – just like smaller and bigger xfa fase routine FS/FB-particles/waveparticles inside/outside each other!

Therefore it´s also possible for the same single speaker-membrane to send out a lot of (over/under)’tones’ at the same time!

What concerns our first practical ‘project’ then we will just have to ‘find’ a perfect XX octave ‘set’ of FS/FB-waveparticles which ‘fits’ more or less directly to a HY-atom and its xfa over-fase routine – and can be ‘regulated’ to various more or less extreme excited ‘climaxes’!

That could be a ‘key’ to have a very high (resonance/excited) ‘control’ (!) over the HY-atom and could perhaps ‘drive’ it out in such an extreme or ‘wryness’ that it would ‘leave’ a water HY2OX-molecule for example?!

Till Friday I will take a closer look at that! But it´s a good ‘place’ to start a real technical XX t-formsystem (universal) ‘tool’! About the new aa-akademi.dk website, then I have got more ‘trouble’ than I have imagined – though I have imagined quite a lot! Normal (!) people have no changes to ‘move’ around in that it-jungle!